Jason Derulo, Jordin Sparks

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Ever since Jason Derulo penned his 2013 hit "Marry Me" for girlfriend Jordin Sparks, fans have been wondering when these two lovebirds will finally tie the knot.

So of course, when E! News caught up with the "Talk Dirty" singer, who was busy promoting his Sweet Summertime Showdown contest, we had to ask him if he has any plans to pop the question.

"When the time is right for sure," the handsome singer revealed, playing coy on an engagement timeline (side note: Sparks said on Fashion Police last week that she would definitely say yes).

But while Derulo may not be ready to reveal when he's going to get down on one knee, he didn't hesitate to gush over his ladylove, whom he said is "definitely" The One.

VIDEO: Jason Derulo praises girlfriend Jordin Sparks

Jason Derulo, Jordin Sparks

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"I knew that pretty early on. I felt that when I was in the hospital with my neck injury," Derulo told E! News when asked how he knew he had found his match (the musician has previously praised his girlfriend for being instrumental throughout his recovery after he broke his vertebrae back in January 2012). I felt different…I felt like I needed her in my world."

The adorable duo, who has been dating for over two years, regularly shares sweet pics with their fans, although Derulo admits it can be tough to juggle the endless attention from the press.

"You can't really find that balance," he said. "You just have to deal with what comes with the territory. It's not something I necessarily want, you know what I mean, it's just something that kind of comes with it." 

Still, despite the constant media buzz, Derulo said "it's cool for people to see a positive relationship."

Jason Derulo, Jordin Sparks

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"You know, of course we have our problems just like anybody else," he admitted. "But our relationship is a positive one and that's good for people to see in today's entertainment industry." 

We agree! And that's one of the many reasons why we adore these two—so how do they keep the spark (pun intended) alive?

"We just try to do different things," the 24-year-old singer shared. "We both love food. We're opposites…so we bring different things to the table and that keeps things really and fun interesting because her interests are not necessarily my interests."

Of course, Jason's insane abs probably don't hurt, either (we imagine Sparks making her man Skype shirtless), but as with any super-toned celeb, Derulo is incredibly dedicated to his fitness.

Jason Derulo, Jordin sparks


"Normally, I work out anywhere from three to four hours in a day," the "Wiggle" singer, who has backed off on his workouts a bit after recently breaking his rib, revealed. "When I'm on tour, I'm on stage for an hour and a half and my show is super-rigorous, but my body gets used to that so I can't use that as a workout."

And here, we thought 30 minutes on the treadmill was satisfactory...

"So beforehand, I do 30 minutes of abs and the ab workout is just kind of switching it up every single day...30 minutes you're just killing the abs with different workouts…also I do Insanity tapes or TRX, just really try and switch it up every single time…or I do a lot of bar work as well…pull bars with different kinds of pull-ups or muscle-ups."

So does he get a breather when he hops off stage? Hardly.

"After my show is 500 push-ups," he nonchalantly confessed.

Well, now we know why Derulo's 8-pack puts everyone else to shame (you're a lucky girl, Jordin!).

Be sure to head to SweetSummerShowdown.com to vote for your favorite summer treat and for a chance to win a one-on-one meeting with Mr. Derulo himself!

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