Cobie Smulders, Evangeline Lilly, Comic-Con

Getty Images

Mind. Blown. Cobie Smulders was up for Evangeline Lily's role on Lost!

Yes, Robin Scherbotsky was almost Kate Austen and suddenly nothing makes sense any more.

We met up with the two Avengers stars and Cobie dropped this little knowledge bomb: "[Evangeline and I] were both testing for Lost. She owes a lot to me because I went in and I bombed the audition. [laughs] And she was like, ‘Thank you!'"

Hear for yourself in the video below!

The two Canadian former TV stars were having a moment at Comic-Con right after Lily was announced as being part of the new Antman film, because they had first met 10 years ago on the plane ride to their Lost audition—and instantly hit it off.

"You know what I was so excited about, about being part of The Avengers," Lily told me. "Cobie Smulders, she was the first person I met in LA…She took me under her wing, she let me hang out with her friends, she took me shopping in Venice, she let me stay at her place. She didn't know me from a hole in the wall …So I've always watched her career very closely and I was  like, now I get to do something with her!"

Cobie, meanwhile, is still fielding lots of questions about that How I Met  Your Mother ending, and told me how she found out that the [spoiler alert!] mother would die.

"We had just finished a  table read and something happened where I said, ‘What is going on?' to Craig Thomas our creator. It was over lukewarm scrambled eggs and he said, ‘Do you want me to tell you what happens?' And I said, ‘I guess.' And he just summarized it and I just started f--king weeping."

Her personal thoughts on the ending: "It's their vision  nine years after they thought of this pilot idea. And it just…it's a lot of things. It's a lot of things for me. But it was great that they got to see their vision through."

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