The Vampire Diaries Fans Are Freaking Out About Ian Somerhalder’s Love Life on the Show—So We Got Some Answers

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By Kristin Dos Santos Aug 01, 2014 12:00 PMTags
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Let the record show: There is no TV fandom more tortured right now  than the fans who love The Vampire Diaries' Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena (Nina Dobrev), a k a "Delena."

No seriously, every other fandom can just go home. Or rather, go out into the world and live your lives because you aren't at home, curled up in a ball grieving.YOLO, non-Delena fans. YOLO.

Damon (Ian) and Elena's (Nina) final scene of the May finale, in which Damon passed over to another dimension, and he can see her but she can't see him, was so gut-wrenching, and reminiscent of Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in Ghost, we still get choked up at the very thought of it.

Blake Tyers/The CW

"Nina Dobrev and her cry-sobs," executive producer Julie Plec muses. "They're amazing."

True dat, sister.

Viewers have to wait until the sixth season premiere on Oct. 2 to find out what happens next, but there is a debate brewing between the TVD fans who want Damon to get back to Elena, and the fans who want him to try out a relationship that was prevalent in the TVD books: Damon and Bonnie (Kat Graham).  A k a "Bamon." Which sounds delicious, if only because it sounds like bacon. And now we want.

Damon and Bonnie never had a chance to be together until now, because they hated each other so fiercely (for some very solid reasons), but they ended season five holding hands as they were catapulted into some other (presumably dark and horrible) dimension, that may or may not "hurt." (Shudder.) So...now there's a chance. And when I spoke to Julie Plec at Comic-Con (watch the video above!), she hinted there probably will be some sort of more-than-friends development—however miniscule it might turn out to be.

"To me, in spite of what [Bonnie and Damon] had in the books, that kind of relationship would only be born out of chemistry, and an on-screen connection," Plec told me." Ian and Kat are super close. They love each other. They're very excited to work together. There could be instant chemistry there that we all sit back and watch like we did, frankly, with Klaus and Caroline, with that very first scene. There was never any plan to have romance but he cures  her on her freaking birthday and all of a sudden, the world is melting.. So you never know, but what we did want to do is we wanted to service the Bamon relationship from the books and at least give those two characters an opportunity—that we never thought we'd have frankly cause they never liked each other, and for good reason—to bond and get close and to be comrades. So it will start there, and it may never go any further—that's not the plan, but you never know."

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Go ahead and read that last sentence one more time.

Thoughts? Opinions? Xanax?

Clearly, it's not yet set in stone which way Damon's love life will be heading, but it sure sounds like there will be something, if there are sparks on screen.

So…TVD question of the hour…Is there actual chemistry between Damon/Ian and Bonnie/Kat? Apparently, depends who you ask! At Comic-Con, Ian gushed at length about his intense connection with Kat on screen, while Kat herself declared (albeit with a laugh), "Ian and I have no chemistry!" [Watch those video interviews below if you haven't…and judge for yourself!]

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As for what we can expect from Damon and Elena in the coming season, Julie spoke of the beauty of their "longing"…and we're tearing up all over again.

"Damon and Elena are obviously not together at the moment. Because he's not with us. But I think what's beautiful is they are together spiritually, because she is missing him so deeply, and he is dying to get back to her so profoundly. So even though they're not physically with each other, that's what each of them wants so badly.And so, so  much of the first part of the season is trying to draw them back together and then all the the things that get in their way and it's bad. It's bad but it's beautiful. Happy tears. Sad tears… Longing for each other and longing is just as beautiful as being together in a lot of ways."

TVD fans….Thoughts? Hit the comments.