50 Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades of Grey

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The Fifty Shades of Grey trailer was just released and it only left us wanting more!

And while they did manage to cram a ton of clips from the future film into the less than three-minute trailer, there's still plenty more that viewers want to see!

1. The Christian and Anastasia Show: Case in point? Where the heck was the rest of the cast?! Sure, we mainly care about seeing the onscreen chemistry between Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson—along with sex, obvs—but we would've liked to have caught a glimpse of the other stars of the film.

Take Anastasia's roommate Kate, for instance, played by Eloise Mumford. Surely fans of the books would've delighted in seeing her shack up with Christian Grey's brother, Elliot, as played by True Blood's Luke Grimes.

2. Easy, Breezy, Beautiful: Then there's the matter of Mr. Grey's temperament. We without a doubt love the domineering, powerful man behind the perfectly fitted suit, but the trailer seemed to breeze right on past some of his angrier scenes. Steamy Grey is lovely, but heated Grey can be way sexier.

3. Never Enough: Call us whatever you'd like, but we could've used way more red room. Need we say more? Didn't think so…

4. Famous Phrases: Once you get past the initial shock of watching the first official global trailer of the movie, it sets in that we have yet to see any of the book's famous (and borderline cheesy) phrases. "Laters, baby"? Where's Ana's "inner goddess"?! Here's hoping the real deal on the big screen offers up a healthy serving of the book's most ridiculous quotes.

5. All Hail the Queen: We lit-er-all-y couldn't turn our speakers up loud enough when we heard the one and only Beyoncé singing in the background of the trailer. Her exclusive version of "Crazy In Love" for the film is beyond, and honestly, deserves to be released in full immediately—if not yesterday.

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