Want to see how Jimmy Fallon and Heidi Klum roll? Look no further!

On Wednesday's Tonight Show, the late-night host invited the America's Got Talent judge to form a human wheel with him—just like Halle Berry did last month!

But Jimmy, 39, and Heidi, 41, couldn't get down to business without their bodies being in perfect alignment. To do this, Jimmy lay back on the mat, positioned himself right between Hedi's legs and grabbed both her ankles. "I'm not gonna look! I'm not gonna peek!" he promised, adding reassuringly, "My eyes are closed! Trust me."

But temptation was too tough to resist! "OK," he admitted, "I peeked!" This was followed by a few giggles and a denial, but truthfully, Heidi didn't seem to mind if he had tried to sneak a glance!

"Have a look!" she urged him. "Peek! You know what it is? It's a gigantic mic pack with an antenna you know where!"

Jimmy did a quick countdown from there before he and Heidi rolled forward! The mom of four squealed as they completed two full rotations forward! (Not bad, but Halle and Jimmy's run was more significantly more impressive—if we're keeping score.)

Heidi wasn't deterred by this, though. Taking charge, she told Jimmy, "Now, we're going to do the German roll. Go lay down!"

He followed directions and, after lining his body up very closely with Heidi's, rolled forward German style. Think they were any more successful at this than they were at the classic human wheel?! Watch the clip above to find out!

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