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It was a full-on attack of the summer reality shows tonight, and we can't say we didn't love it. We can say we didn't love saying goodbye to four dancers on So You Think You Can Dance, and watching the first Quarter Final cuts be made on America's Got Talent. We also didn't love watching Derrick learn of his grandfather's death on Big Brother, but we did love watching the houseguests compete on fake horses for the Power of Veto! Read on for all the details!

So You Think You Can Dance: It's time for the top 10, Dance fans, so tonight we had to say a sad goodbye to four dancers and it was not easy! It was also not easy to control ourselves in the wake of some incredibly impressive performances. First of all, can Travis Wall just choreograph our entire life? Despite landing in the bottom six, Jessica brought back her A-game tonight and might have found in Casey a partner she can stick with, and their dance was heavenly.

Other shining moments included Valerie and Ricky's creepy doll hip hop routine, along with the surprisingly enjoyable metal vampire paso doble by Jacque and Zack. We also got the first quickstep of the season from Serge and Carly, but it was kind of meh. Emily and Teddy's Broadway routine looked promising, but was actually incredibly boring on stage.

In unexpected middle school nostalgia news, the top seven ladies danced to "My Immortal" by Evanescence, and we were flooded with thoughts of homework and that time we thought we were goth for a minute. The dance was great though!

The bottom six included Jessica, Emily, Carly, Teddy, Casey, and Serge, and after Jessica and Casey's superb performance, it was no surprise that they were safe. We lost Emily, Carly, Teddy, and Serge, who also gave us some of tonight's least exciting performances.

Big Brother: So just how many of this year's Big Brother contestants are completely delusional? The number seems to get larger every week.

First, there's Zach, whose true level of insanity sort of snuck up on us. He seems to have no idea that the entire house is a little afraid of him and has considered putting him on the block. He also has no idea that his beloved Frankie and the rest of Team America are just using him for their (failed) missions. Plus, he's totally in love with Frankie, despite his continued claims that he's not gay. Just embrace it, Zach! 

Then, there's Victoria. She blames her loss in the Battle of the Block entirely and incorrectly on Jocasta, and when she tried to defend herself in the Veto ceremony, she claimed confidently that she had apparently proved to the house that she's a strong competitor. When will she figure out that she's really just a pawn in this game? 

Finally, there's  Amber and "Beast Mode Cowboy," who spent most of the episode in a bathrobe, looking like a sad Star Wars character. Amber had no idea she wasn't really a part of the ruling alliance anymore, and seemed surprised when she landed on the block after Hayden vetoed Victoria.

Her confusion is understandable, while Caleb, on the other hand, is completely nuts. He thought his date with Amber was awesome, so why is she ignoring him? He "almost died" eating that pickle for her! How dare she not be worshipping the ground he walks on? He also claimed that the game is in his hands, which is so far beyond true we can't even deal.

Side notes: Zankie still sleeps together in the HoH bed, despite the fact that only Frankie is now on the throne. Do we love this friendship, or do we hope it becomes something more, despite Zach's insanity? We can't decide!

We're also seriously hoping no more houseguests have to deal with sad news from the real world, after having to watch Frankie and now Derrick learn about a grandfather passing away. It's never a good time to get news like that, but it has to be especially hard when you're stuck in a 24 hour game full of strangers. 

America's Got Talent: After last night's first round of quarter-final performances, it was time for the first round of quarter-final cuts. First, let's run down who made it to the semi-finals! Singers Emily West and Miguel Dakota, comedian Dan Naturman, magicians David & Leeman, and salsa group Baila Conmigo all made it through to the next round, meaning we had to say goodbye to seven of last night's acts: Jasmine Flowers, Valo & Bobby, The Willis Clan, Sean & Luke, Julia Goodwin, J.D. Anderson, and Flight Crew Jump Rope.

Today Show hosts Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie also announced that after the "Today's Got Talent" contest, the eliminated dance group Cornell Bhangra will get to perform in one of the upcoming live shows for the chance to compete in the semi-finals. 

So what did you think of tonight's reality offerings, or were you too busy watching Sharknado 2: The Second One? Are you a Zankie shipper? Did the right dancers go home? How's your week going? Let us know in the comments! 

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