Kate Upton, Sexiest Looks

James Macari/Sports Illustrated; Jackson Lee/Splash News

Kate Upton is as hot as they come—and likable, to boot!

So instead of hating her for being a perfect 10 with bombshell curves, we're more inclined to want to be BFFs with her! (The 22-year-old model-turned-actress actually did become besties with her Other Woman co-stars Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann!)

On rare occasions, Kate's pointed out the downsides of being pretty. "Living on a farm, beauty doesn't get you anywhere," she said in a recent interview with Elle U.K. "Because I was pretty didn't mean I could convince my sister to do my chores. It was kind of inconvenient to be pretty, growing up."

Based on Kate's career trajectory, though, that inconvenience was well worth it in the end! In the same interview, she expressed gratitude for her curves, saying, "I've been begging for this body my whole life!'"

"When I first started modeling, I was a normal catalogue model," she recalled to Elle U.K. "Then, I became a woman, and I was really excited about becoming a woman. Because I'm from Florida, it's all about being in bathing suits. It's a different view of beauty there. You are ugly if you don't have a curvy body. And I didn't have one, and then I got one, and thought, ‘Yessss!'"

If we looked like that, we'd be like yessss, too!

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