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As if the teens on the ground didn't have enough to worry about on The 100.

Now that the adults from the Ark have made it safely down to Earth on the CW's breakout hit, executive producer Jason Rothenberg warns us that these newcomers won't agree with everything the 100 have done in regards to the Grounders, Reapers, Mountain Men...and each other. You mean mom and dad won't be proud of all the hangings and teen-on-teen murder going on in the camp?! Color us shocked!

"What's interesting to me is that, however many are left (which is far fewer than 100), they've bonded. They're like a group that's gone to war together," Rothenberg told E! News at San Diego Comic-Con. "Nobody understands what that war was like other than the people who fought it together, but here comes mom and dad and all the people from the Ark and we'll find them judging what they did negatively. They're like, ‘There's not very many of you left. And yet you started this war?'"

But after being on their own for the past month, don't expect the teens to take all that judgment laying down. "They're being blamed for a lot of things, which is frustrating as hell and it becomes a point of contention," Rothenberg continues. "Season one was all about getting power and control over their world, albeit in a not-so-successful way, you could say. And in season two, that power gets taken away from them. They're not in control anymore and that's going to be difficult for them. Maybe by the end of the season we'll see them rise up and figure out how to show mom and dad how to drive."

A teen vs. adult showdown? Yeah, we'd watch that.

But before the adults even join up with the teens they sent down to die all the way back at the beginning of season one, they have to find them first. That's going to be quite difficult when most of them are currently being held captive in the mysterious Mount Weather.

"Based on what we showed during the [Comic-Con] panel, we know now that we start the season in Mount Weather and we pick up right where the finale ended," Rothenberg says. "We didn't see what Clarke [Eliza Taylor] sees at the end of the teaser, what she's 'holy s--t!'-ing about, but when it airs we will. I wanted to protect that a little bit. So we will understand Mount Weather, and who the Reapers are, how they got like that, and we'll understand the Grounders way more than we do currently, mainly through Lincoln and Octavia who take us into that world pretty intensely."

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Is there a chance for the adults to find the kids and for Clarke and Abby (Paige Turco) to finally reunite? "The whole season is about these people coming together and reunions," Rothenberg teases. "There's a lot of emotional reunions coming down the pike which I'm really excited about. It's awfully fun for me as a writer to see what Kane [Henry Ian Cusick] and Bellamy [Bob Morley] are like together in a scene since that's never happened before. And now this year, we get to do that kind of thing."

You mean Bellamy is still alive to meet Kane?! "Well, if Bellamy's still alive," Rothenberg adds with a laugh.

Shoot, we almost had him there! One character we actually did get some spoilers on was Jaha (Isaiah Washington), who was last seen drifting off into space on what was left of the Ark, with only two weeks of oxygen left. Is his fate sealed? Doesn't sound like it.

"The truth about Jaha is his character was done. That story has run its course," Rothenberg says of his season-one story arc. "He delivered his people to the ground and he's like Moses, not getting to go into the promised land after delivering his people there. It really took a lot of thought to come up with a way to restart that story and restart that character's journey. I'm not saying we did or we didn't, Isaiah's not saying if we did or we didn't...but we did."

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That's right, folks, Jaha will still be a major part of The 100 despite seemingly having an expiration date. So how will he escape the Grim Reaper? "It's going to be really surprising, Rothenberg says. "It's a journey that he's on. One of the cool things about this season is that they're scattered, and with him, he's stranded in space. So whether he will make it down, we'll have to see. That's one of the things about this season that I'm excited about."

And with how dark season one got (Remember watching the hopeful pilot? We were oh-so-innocent back then!), we had to ask: Is season two going to continue to get even darker? "Well, it's no lighter for sure," Rothenberg previews. "We're in Mount Weather and that's a very different place which may be not-so-dark at first, but that lightness will prove to be illusionary. Obviously Mount Weather has more of a scientific feel to it that we haven't experienced before on the ground. So we will explore that for sure."

The 100 returns Wednesday, Oct. 22, at 9 p.m. on the CW.

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