New Jersey Wedding Brawl

News 12

Where is the love, people?!?

Two people were arrested for disorderly conduct Sunday night when a giant brawl involving almost 300 wedding guests broke out in Central New Jersey.

According to Middletown Township Police, two off-duty officers were working the reception as security when they first learned about a fight. When they tried (and failed) to keep the peace, the scuffle quickly escalated to about 80 guests.

When backup was called for some much-needed assistance, the brawl had grown even more to approximately 300 wedding guests. 

According to reports, the altercation consisted of fighting, yelling, screaming and even some urinating. Crazy, right?

Police eventually decided the best solution was to completely shut down the wedding party.

But even that idea proved to be a challenge. It took authorities almost 45 minutes to clear out the facility and have everyone leave the area.

While the cause of the huge brawl is still unknown, police say they are continuing to investigate the wedding party gone terribly wrong.

There's also no word as to if the bride and groom were involved with the scuffle.

Perhaps they were enjoying their first dance instead?  

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