This is Liam Martin, a 17-year-old from New Zealand. He goes by waverider_ on Instagram.

And this is Liam Martin dressed up as Taylor Swift:

Nailed it. Liam has become popular for his hilarious photo re-creations of pop stars. Around this same time last year, he told Auckland Now that his goal was hit 25K followers. Today, he has racked up some 1.5 million.


Katy Perry:

When he first started gaining popularity on the Gram, Liam reasoned that it was because, in his words, "I'm very weird and open. I think that's why I get so many followers, because I'm myself."

Nicki Minaj:

Ariana Grande:

Liam said, "I feel quite cool, I feel like Hannah Montana."

Lana Del Rey:

And Miley Cyrus:

This probably isn't the Hannah Montana he meant.

Liam also does the occasional actress. Like, Jennifer Lawrence:

And Shailene Woodley:

Models like Cara Delevigne:

And, since this is the Internet we're talking about, of course Frozen:

You don't get to 1.5 million followers without finding a few haters, but Liam says, "I don't get offended by that because I know they don't know me in person, so they don't have any reason to not like me."

"So many people can't embrace difference," he told Buzzfeed of the haters. But he's found that what started as just a way to make people laugh has turned into something more: "I get people telling me that I teach them to not be afraid to do something different."

Here is a video Liam did last year where he talks about online bullying:

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