Hilary Duff isn't in the running for employee of the month.

In fact, she's more likely to be named worst employee ever in "Chasing the Sun." After creating a buzz online, the 26-year-old singer's first music video since 2008's "Reach Out" debuted late Monday night. The video opens with Duff daydreaming in her office and reading a magazine called "Vacation Station."


Before you know it, the pop star imagines herself frolicking on the beach with a half-naked hunk. Duff is brought back to reality after she accidentally runs into a glass window, interrupting a business meeting.

She may have clocked in, but she checked out long before she set foot inside the office.

While staring at postcards tacked to a bulletin board, Duff envisions herself sipping cocktails on the beach. She also pours coffee into a martini glass, as that's the kind of thing a terrible employee does. Duff's colleagues gawk at her in disbelief as she zones out yet again. This time, she imagines getting a rubdown from her beach beau. In reality, her geeky co-worker gives her a massage in the break room.

The caffeine buzz didn't help Duff stay alert, as she deludes herself into thinking she's actually playing with a beach ball. In reality, just before she makes a hamster ball airborne (are office hamsters a thing?), she realizes just how spacy she is—her co-workers notice, too. To be fair, Duff apologizes to her pet pal.

Duff really brings the crazy when she douses the entire boardroom with water. She's officially lost it.

Spoiler alert: Duff gets fired in the end. But at least she had fun?

"Chasing the Sun," which is now available on iTunes, is the debut single from Duff's fifth studio album. "Guess what! I am feeling so loved," she tweeted Tuesday. "So grateful for all my many blessings."

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