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Fresh off of their fantastically adorable Comic Con panel, it feels like this season of Teen Wolf really got off the ground tonight, as the battle with the deadpool continued. We said some not-so-sad goodbyes to two new characters, and one quite sad goodbye to a character we wish we knew better. From start to finish, it was one crazy eventful night in Beacon Hills, so let's break it down.

Kate found a mysterious mixtape labeled "play me." She did so, and it was a recording of a guy talking about evil. She ventured outside of the car where a bunch of presumed assassins were hanging out on the ground, mostly dead. There was one who was mostly alive, and Kate threatened him until he told her she could get the info she wanted from "The Orphans."

"The Orphans," it turns out, are also known as Garrett and Violet (because they don't have parents, as Papa McCall kindly reminded them). Violet was in handcuffs and Garrett was on the run.

We quickly found Garrett, however, as he was stabbing Liam with his evil wolfsbane spear and sending him to the bottom of a well.  

While Violet was being transported, Kate and her Berserkers attacked the car, injuring Papa McCall and Papa Stilinski. The Berserkers killed Garrett when he and Scott (who was desperate to find Liam) arrived at the scene, and put a large weapon through Scott's torso. 

Meanwhile, Derek and Malia took a trip into the woods in search of a clan of Buddhist werewolves while the Deputy, Stiles, and Lydia talked to Meredith about figuring out the third key for the deadpool. That didn't really go well, as Meredith sort of freaked out and Lydia ended up with blood pouring out of her ears. Derek and Malia's thing didn't go so well either, as they found the clan mostly dead, except for one lone werewolf (but how great was it when Malia had the idea to "think like Stiles?"). 

Scott and Papa Argent went after Kate, so they could find Violet, so they could find Liam. Kate was not exactly cooperative, however, so they first had to fight the Berserkers. During the fight, Scott discovered that Violet was already dead, and thus useless, and he and Chris shared a moment of sadness. 

Meanwhile, Liam tried to climb out of the well. It wasn't going super well until the moon came out, and he let out a nice loud roar, which Scott conveniently heard.

Stiles and Lydia figured out that the next key was the name of someone who was about to be dead, rather than someone who was already dead. Lydia reached deep into her banshee soul and pulled out the name… Derek?! There wasn't time to puzzle over that revelation, however, as they found Meredith's name on the list. Unfortunately, she was already dead by the time they could call the Deputy, and Stiles comforted Lydia in her sadness. 

Deaton worked to save Liam from the poisoned wolfsbane that Garrett had used to subdue him, and Scott determined that he was going to save everyone. Later, Scott and Stiles went through the pile of money they found in Garrett and Violet's lockers, along with the same sort of tape that Kate had received earlier (and that Kate was now looking for).

Speaking of Kate, she was hiding with her pets in the sewers, but not hiding well enough for Peter to not find her. He showed up to offer her help with controlling her wolfiness (or her whatever-iness), and told her that he's on the hunt for power.

Questions: Is Derek's death an actual death, or the death of Werewolf Derek? Did Meredith's death seem somewhat unceremonious to you? Had anyone else almost forgotten that Peter is actually evil? Did the Stydia scenes somewhat confuse your feelings for Stiles and Malia (We love them both! What do we do?)? Who uses tapes anymore? How hard are Scott and Stiles going to have to search for a working tape player?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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