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As you all are probably well aware, Lay's is in the midst of their Do Us a Flavor competition, where people from all over the country submitted chip flavors for a chance to win big money and the right to brag to your friends that you invented the latest Lay's product. Is "brag" the right word to use here?

And now, Lay's has narrowed the list down to the top four finalists: Wasabi Ginger, Mango Salsa, Cheddar Bacon Mac & Cheese and Cappuccino.

Lays Four Flavors

E! Loves

Lay's was gracious enough to send us those flavors before they hit stores, which is happening today, actually. Hey, we've been busy with stuff and just now got around to taste testing them. We know what you're thinking: "Nothing should be more important than potato chips." We agree.

So after finally trying out the new chips, here are the brutally honest and uncensored reviews of each of the four flavor finalists directly from your trusted E! Online staff. And believe us when we say that we all took this very, very seriously:

Kettle Cooked Wasabi Ginger

Lays Four Flavors

E! Loves

The Reviews:

"Too much wasabi, not enough ginger. I'm pretty sure I actually submitted this during the initial contest, but I probably called it Ginger Wasabi because ginger should always be the dominant one in that relationship."

"Wow. These do not taste like any chip I have ever eaten before (which I mean as a good thing, here). They do very much taste like wasabi, but not overpoweringly so. I think these would taste great if you ate them with 7-11 sushi."

"The texture and the taste don't work together, would have preferred a thin chip. Flavor is more ramen-y than wasabi-y."

"I don't like sushi and this didn't change that."

"I hate ginger, but this tastes more like wasabi, so I'm on board."

"Tastes nothing like wasabi or ginger (there's no heat!) but it's vaguely Asian-y. Actually tastes exactly like ramen broth. Or maybe like sour cream and onion potato chips, which I realize is not what ramen broth tastes like. Somehow this tastes like both those things, simultaneously."

"OooOOooH yummers. It's the only one that tastes like what it's meant to taste like."

"I love ginger, so I liked these. Tastes like a sushi roll (which weirdly wasn't that weird for a chip)."

"Too Wasabi-y for me. Pass."

"I love this one. It makes me crave sushi."

"Tastes like if my sushi lunch were condensed into chip form. Too weird." 

"Incredible and I would inhale an entire bag of these and never look back."

Wavy Mango Salsa

Lays Four Flavors

E! Loves

The Reviews:

"Overpowering mango flavor and I tasted cilantro which is my least favorite thing on this planet."

"I get it. Like I don't understand why mangos need to be in salsa, but I get it. It tasted pretty good."

"They're fine. They're confusing. If we're doing salsa, doesn't everyone want spicy salsa? Or why bother?"

"Tastes like how Bath & Body Works smells—feel like I'm about to eat a candle, or some lotion."

"If I wanted fruit, I would eat fruit."

"It's like eating your car's air freshener, but kind of in a good way?"

"This tastes like someone accidentally spritzed Bath & Body Works spray onto a chip."

"Tastes like a Starburst in chip form. Too artificial."

"OMG! These are cray. Tastes like a tropical explosion in my mouth (or fruity chapstick). Still yummy though."

"I was dubious, but this chip was surprisingly light and fresh. Well, as light and fresh as a potato chip can be."

"It tastes like someone spritzed fruity body spray on it."

"Now this makes sense. Takes the dip step out of chips and dip for extra-lazy eating."


Lays Four Flavors

E! Loves

The Reviews:

"Why is this even in the running?"

"This makes me sad. Not even remotely good. It does taste like cappuccino, but that is not a good thing."

"Aesthetically speaking, they look...disgusting. They're brown. Like, moldy, stale brown. They do taste like coffee though, whether for the good or the bad. (I don't like the taste of coffee, but drink it for the caffeine. These don't have caffeine in them. I checked.)"

"This blew my mind. I might be overreacting but I was amazed how much it actually tasted like coffee. A chip… that tastes like coffee?! Whaaaa…"

"Coffee shouldn't be crunchy, but it still works. Slightly churro-adjacent."

"This comes from a girl who has 'coffee' in her OkCupid profile name (Free plug! Find me, fellas!) Some things should not taste like coffee. This chip's after-taste is busted."

"Makes more sense as a cookie."

"Tastes just like coffee, but with a hint of styrofoam cup."

"Smells like coffee, but tastes like a really crunchy elephant ear (or something with cinnamon and sugar)."

"Is there actual caffeine in this one? I felt my heart skip a beat. Also too sweet for a chip."

"This tasted the way the inside of a Dunkin' Donuts store (‘Sup East Coast?!) smells. Not in an unpleasant way."

"Reminds me of waiting to get my car serviced while I drink crappy coffee and chips from the vending machine."

Cheddar Bacon Mac & Cheese

Lays Four Flavors

E! Loves

The Reviews:

"Delicious. The clear front-runner. But it needs more bacon flavor. Everything always needs more bacon. Life in general needs more bacon."

"They mostly just taste like regular Lays, unless you eat an entire handful and then you can taste some of the cheesiness. Where da bacon at?"

"Way too cheesy and there can never be enough bacon."

"Tastes the most normal. I can't really taste the bacon part."

"This is the combination of two of my favorite things ever, so there was no way I wasn't going to love it. In fact, I wish the taste was actually stronger. DOUSE ME WITH BACON GREASE AND VELVEETA, LAYS."

"I didn't try because I don't eat bacon and these seriously smelled like straight-up bacon." (Editor's note: We are no longer talking to this employee because he just admitted to not eating bacon. That's not right.)

"Tastes like an elementary school cafeteria lunch. Not a fan."

"It's solid but nothing mind-blowing."

"Definitely tastes like smoky cheese—not like bacon and not like mac and cheese, though, just like cheese that's gone off or been left out too long."

"Lazy 'new' flavor. Tastes just like their BBQ chips."

"This tastes like an artificial dog treat. Why would I eat this when I can just eat bacon? In fact, next time please just put bacon in a bag. Why are we holding back on bacon taste? THIS IS AMERICA. GIVE ME ALL THE BACON."

Overall Favorite Flavor: Wasabi Ginger
Overall Least Favorite Flavor: Cappuccino

You can vote for your favorite at Lay's website or on their Facebook page. But is it really going to be a contest when bacon and cheese is involved? 

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