You'll never take toilet paper for granted again!

Prepare to enter a brave new world on Sunday, Sept. 7, when Fox's ambitious new series Utopia premieres, and finds 15 ordinary people participating in reality TV's biggest (and possibly riskiest) social experiment yet: they have to create their own civilization. 

We've got the exclusive new key art for Utopia, which reads, "No leaders. No rules. No plumbing."

Do you think you could survive Utopia without plumbing?! (We're comfortable enough with our limitations to know we would not.)

So what exactly is Utopia, which will air twice a week, with a 24/7 stream available online, about?

From 5,000 applicants, the show's producers have narrowed down the participants to just 15, who will be asked to create a perfect society...and leave their current lives for one year (!).

"We're not asking them to come from the Stone Age to 2014," executive producer Conrad Green explained at the 2014 Summer TCA Press Tour. "There will be some shelter there. There will be soil and water, and there will some animals, either for eating or drinking their products...this isn't a show about survival, or just about living off the land. They'll have a set sum of money. This is a semi-permeable world. They can do business with the outside world."

Utopia premieres Sunday, Sept. 7, on Fox. 

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