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Happy end of Comic-Con! While we're exhausted and ready for weekend part deux, the week is really just beginning, along with a solid crop of Sunday night shows. True Blood threw some twists into the Hep-V outbreak, and The Leftovers continued to be very sad and also very puzzling at the same time. A father sacrificed himself for his daughter on Witches of East End, and Big Brother threw a wrench into the power couple that is Zankie. Read on to find out how it all went down!

True Blood Good news: A cure for Hep-V has been found! Bad news: It's Sarah Newlin. Worse news? Sookie's the carrier who infected Bill, and his disease is spreading fast.  

Apparently, the scientists had actually succeeded at creating an antidote, and Sarah decided to drink it all and declare herself some sort of Buddha, thus changing Eric and the yakuza's official plan to kill her.

At James' suggestion, Lafayette and Lettie Mae took a little vampire blood-fueled trip to visit Tara, and Lafayette is now also of the opinion that Tara (whose drug trip manifestation hangs out with snakes, speaks in tongues, and likes to dig holes) is not actually dead and needs their help.

Holly and Andy, meanwhile, dealt with the attempted fornication of their teenage children, with help from the supremely level-headed Arlene, while Adilyn and Wade were "helped" by Violet, who was fresh off a revenge ransacking of Jason's bedroom. 

Witches of East End, Jenna Dewan Tatum

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Witches of East End: RIP Victor! In order to save his daughter from Isis and Ivar, who had tied her to a living explosion and gave her two hours to live, Victor had Joanna switch his place with Freya with just enough time left.

Meanwhile, Dash and Killian found their family's grimoire and attempted to use it, but it seems that the book isn't exactly full of pleasant spells, as Dash nearly killed Killian.

Plus, it seems that Frederick is the creepy sex monster! Who woulda thought?

The Leftovers: The opening of tonight's episode was positively brutal as Gladys, one of the Guilty Remnant, was taped to a tree and stoned to death, causing shockwaves throughout the town. Garvey was determined to treat his wife's cult as a group of people, while the rest of Mapleton would have been fine if the death were left alone. While the tragedy confirmed Meg's beliefs in the Guilty Remnant, Laurie silently started to question her own faith.

Patti offered her the chance to take a break from silence and wearing white for a day, but Laurie never broke, though she did end up in a whistle confrontation with Father Matt.

Garvey, meanwhile, got into a fight with a drycleaner over a bunch of shirts, with his daughter over setting their alarm system, and with the feds over his investigation of Gladys' death. He was told that Gladys' death didn't matter, as we saw Gladys' body being fed into a crematorium. 

Big Brother


Big Brother: Zankie ruled the house tonight, and Zach proved that he's totally insane. However, while Devin was insane to the point of being a little frightening, Zach is mostly just entertaining. He wants to get Amber out using Christine as a pawn, and part of this plan involved turning Nicole against Christine. Christine lied to Nicole, telling her there was nothing going on that she needed to know, and then Nicole said it would break her heart if Christine were lying, and we are not fans of the potential fracturing of the Weirdo Alliance.

Over in Caleb's creepy dream land, he finally got to go on a date with Amber after she jokingly told him she would go out with him if he ate a pickle (since he hates them). He did it, and Amber reluctantly went on the creepiest, most awkward date ever. Caleb is just utterly clueless, and we feel pretty bad for Amber. 

Team America tried and failed to get Zach to cause an argument at the nomination ceremony, but it was pretty funny to watch. Frankie nominated Jocasta and that sneaky Victoria for the block, since he knew they would lose, while Zach went with Christine and Fruit Loop Dingus (aka Nicole).

Surprise surprise, Jocasta and Victoria lost miserably when they had to build and then stand on a giant wedding cake, while BFFs(ish) Christine and Nicole won easily, leaving Frankie as HoH and dethroning Zach, meaning he can now be nominated for the block. Even Frankie said that he would be willing to backdoor Zach, if that's what the house wants, meaning Zankie might be in for some trouble.

Another new alliance also formed tonight, as Derrick and Cody decided they really like each other, and called themselves the Hitmen. 

So what did you watch tonight? Do you think Bill will survive long enough to get to the supposed cure? Do you kind of enjoy watching Zach lose his mind? 

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