Henry Cavill, Twitter


Is Henry Cavill going from Superman to lightsaber-wielding Star Wars star?!

The other day, Man of Steel director Zack Snyder took to Twitter to share a peculiar pic of the 31-year-old actor dressed in a Jedi robe while holding a bright red lightsaber weapon. Cavill's handsome face is partially covered by a hood but his chiseled jaw, lips and nose can still be seen. Behind Cavill is a backdrop of dark, foggy weather.

"#SuperJedi," Snyder simply captioned the Star Wars shot.

Ben Affleck, Batman v. Superman

DC Comics

While we're not sure why Snyder posted the photo of Cavill, he makes a pretty convincing man of The Force.

Meanwhile, Snyder also recently shared a Twitter photo of Ben Affleck dressed in full Batman costume and mask for the upcoming Batman vs. Superman flick. The dark photo does a lot to highlight Affleck's brooding Batman character (and that chin!).

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