Brandon Jenner Admits to Kissing Stepsister Kim Kardashian—See the Outrageous KUWTK Clip!

Brandon Jenner confesses his big secret

By Kamala Kirk Jul 26, 2014 4:05 PMTags
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Everyone's been giving Brody Jenner a hard time about the embarassing incident that happened with his stepsister Kim Kardashian, but it turns out that older brother Brandon Jenner has an even more embarassing secret of his own involving Kim, which he reveals on this Sunday's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians!

While eating lunch on the boat with Kris Jenner and Brandon's wife Leah Jenner, Kris starts to tease Brody about having a crush on Kim since they were kids, when out of nowhere Brody hits Kris with the startling truth.

"That was him and Kim!" Brody declares while pointing towards his brother. "They kissed back in the day!"

"You kissed Kim?" Kris exclaims while everyone around her bursts into laughter.

"It's on you now!" Brody exclaims. "And he knows it's true!"

Watch the clip above to hear what really happened between Kim and Brandon and tune-in on Sunday to see more of the family's Thailand vacation!

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