Even Morgan Freeman's voice is no match for a balloon full of helium!

On Thursday's Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the 77-year-old Lucy star reluctantly sucked in a balloon's helium and then, with his trademark voice no longer recognizable, he chatted with the late-night host and was quite a few octaves higher than normal.

"I really shouldn't be doing this," Freeman lamented. "It's very undignified!"

 But, he was a good sport, and amazingly, kept a straight face through it all! (Fallon, on the other hand, was unable to control his own giggle-fit!)

Once Freeman's helium high had subsided, he and the late-night host chatted about his newest hobby: Beekeeping! 

"I just got 'em two weeks ago," he said. "I'm new at this!"

So far, though, things are going pretty well. But because the bees arrived at Freeman's Mississippi home from Arkansas, "They are out of their own environment and they don't know where the food is," the actor explained. "So, I have to feed them regularly. I feed them sugar and water...and what I've discovered is that I don't have to put on the bee suit or anything to feed them."

Fallon questioned this risky method, warning Freeman, "That's a mistake! You're going to get stung!"

But Freeman, a zen beekeeper of sorts, is confident he is "at one with the bees." How exactly does he know this, and will he be able to keep beekeeping sans protective gear much longer?! Watch the clip above to find out, and be sure to catch Freeman's high-pitched helium chatter, too! 

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