We Still Coming, Twit Pics


Ah, the joys of a mass text.

Similar to the Reply All function, absolutely nothing good ever comes from looping in multiple people on a conversation.

Case in point: Kristen and Roger's wedding.

The excited bride wanted to share information regarding her upcoming wedding—like the date, time, address, etc.—so she decided, "What better way to tell everyone I know then by sending a text to all of my cellphone contacts?!" The answer, Kristen, is a damn paper invitation. But moving along…

It turns out that a stranger was somehow on the receiving end of Kristen's text, and that's when things took a downhill (or uphill?) turn.

After the stranger asked who sent the wedding day info, Kristen replied with, "Rogers (soon to be wife) Kristen!"

We Still Coming, Twit Pics


The response?

"You have the wrong number but me and my boys will still be there." Awesome—just pure, unfiltered awesomeness.

"Oh sorry! Not an invite to strangers!" Kristen immediately told her new texting buddy.

You'd think that would be a hint, right? Think again.

The stranger's final message has quickly turned into viral gold, and we can't get enough of it ourselves. These next three words are about make your day…

"We still coming."

And that they did.

Check out the photo above for proof that Roger and Kristen's special day was celebrated alongside several new friends.

The more the merrier!

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