Who in their right mind would refuse free ice cream? Certainly not Bill Murray!

So when the owner of CVT Soft Serve threw an impromptu "Bill Murray Ice Cream Social" Tuesday night, it was a pleasant but not entirely unexpected treat when the Ghostbusters star actually showed up!

Joe, the owner of the ice cream truck and mastermind behind the "Bill Murray Ice Cream Social" idea, Instagrammed pictures of the actor enjoying some quality soft serve. He explained to Gawker that he didn't know the 63-year-old actor prior to Tuesday's social, but after hearing "through the grapevine" Bill was in the area shooting a movie, he simply "invited the entire neighborhood and the cast and crew of the film for free ice cream."

"Long story short, the guest of honor made it to the party and the rest is history," Joe said. "Like my dad always says, 'You'll never dance with the pretty girl unless you ask.'"

Wise words there, pop. Mr. Murray doesn't only show up in unexpected places when he's invited, thoughsometimes he's a (welcomed) party crasher! Back in May he doled out some solid advice to a groom-to-be at his bachelor party, and the following month, he awesomely photobombed a couple's engagement photo shoot.

At this rate, who knows where Bill turn up in August?! 

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