Jasan Statham, Diving


Who knew The Transporter was also quite the diver?

New footage released from the BBC Wednesday shows actor Jason Statham participating in the 1990 Commonwealth Games in England as, you guessed it, a competitive diver.

Wearing only a Speedo (as any professional male diver does), Statham competes in the one-meter and three-meter springboard. He also challenges himself to the extra tall 10-meter platform.

So how did he fare in the competition? Unfortunately, he made a splash for all the wrong reasons.

After one jump, Statham practically face-planted into the pool. The judges took note and placed him in eighth place, his best score from all three events.

With much thought and consideration, Statham soon decided to jump out of the water and into the acting world.

Luckily, he found much more success with memorable roles in The Italian Job, The Expendables and countless other movies.

At least he gets an A for effort.

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