Olivia Munn, Aaron Rodgers


Watching a fan's priceless reaction after a sweet celeb gesture never fails to make us smile.

Such is the case with this Green Bay Packers superfan, who received a gift from his brother only to discover that the personalized present was actually sent by none other than Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn

Upon opening the gift, the fan cannot contain his excitement after he discovers the signed Aaron Rodgers jersey, exclaiming "He got it! He got it! Aaron Rodger's signed jersey!" as he cheers for the camera with a giant smile on his face.

And while it's pretty entertaining to watch the fan jump for joy like a little boy, his reaction only gets better after he discovers that the gift came courtesy of the football stud and his ladylove.

"You're such a good dad, you didn't miss your son's birthday for the tickets to the VIP Packers game I got you, so Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers sent this to you personally. You are a good man, great father and even better brother. Happy early birthday and P.S. look into the camera and say 'Thank you Olivia and Aaron'" reads the note from his brother.

Behind the note is the shipping information, which alerted the fan to his celebrity senders.

"Thank you Aaron and Olivia," he says, flashing a giant grin. "They sent it! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Keith, I love you, this is the greatest present ever."

What a special moment, thanks to one very generous sibling!

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