Despite his vow not to "dignify garbage" by responding to his ex-wife's accusations, Charlie Sheen isn't done adding to the pile of he-said, she-said.

"I will not dignify the majority of these allegations set forth by Denise Richards with any measure of response. On its best day it remains laughable and inane," Sheen said in a statement released by his publicist, Stan Rosenfield, to E! Online on Monday.

The Two and a Half Men star is referring to Richards' move in Los Angeles Superior Court last week to block her former hubby from having overnight visits with their two daughters, claiming that Sheen's "inappropriate behavior" on the Internet could negatively impact the girls' upbringing.

An accusation that Sheen, quite the notorious ladies' man back in the day, says is already old news.

"For the record, as well as for the scales of morality, the following must be clarified," he said.

"Two years ago, when this circus first arrived, I chose a high road position and remained quiet and dignified. Yet, based on the resurfacing of certain specific claims, made in a severe and grievous manner, illustrating Ms. Richards' poor judgment on every possible front, I must counter with these FACTS:

"The FBI was aware of these issues. I provided them with every computer I owned. The computers were returned two weeks later. Haven't heard from them since. Period. The end."

Last week, Sheen's attorney, Lance Spiegel, suggested that Richards' latest surge of legal activity is in response to his client's wish to change the court's order that mandates he must visit with his children in the company of child-care providers selected only by Richards.

"During the 18 months before my request to select my own child-care provider, not a single complaint was made or received regarding the welfare of the children while under the care of myself and/or Brooke," Sheen continued. "I repeat—NOT A SINGLE COMPLAINT by either Ms. Richards herself, or her representatives and nanny.

"All of this, keep in mind, is because I asked the court to grant me the legal and God-given freedom of choice to hire my own child-care provider. I have asked that the Court eliminate Ms. Richards' ability to abuse and harass us any longer. One can only imagine what we've withstood thus far."

Along with his request last month to be able to hire his own nannies, Sheen also petitioned the court to bar Richards from calling his house when he and fiancée Brooke Mueller are watching Lola, 2, and Sam, 3, except if there's an emergency.

Mueller, whom Richards accused Sheen of proposing to in July solely to make headlines, has also weighed in on the still-raging custody battle, which has only intensified in recent months, thanks to both Nannygate and what Sheen has characterized as Richards' rejected "request for a donation."

"There are huge concerns about how Denise's emotions are impacting her judgment," the 29-year-old real estate investor said in a statement. "Denise urged me to be open to having a friendship with her.

"After our relationship was established, she tried to get Charlie to father another child and to reconcile with her. Even though her efforts failed, it was disconcerting to be part of the sequel to the Heather and Richie story."

"Brooke and I remain committed to the task at hand," Sheen also said Monday. "These unlawful and diabolical accusations will not distract us from the focus of our resolve. Shortly before unleashing her attack, Ms. Richards asked for another baby via a sperm donation, after her divisive attempts at a reconciliation behind Brooke's back failed. She was flat out rejected."

Sheen told Entertainment Tonight last month that he would sooner "walk on the surface of the moon" than fulfill his ex's request.

"I am making every possible effort to assure that the courts focus on my children and their welfare," Sheen added. "My refusal to dignify garbage needs to be understood in the context of the history of this case and Denise's need and desire to make it about issues that do not involve anything other than her emotions."

The rain may have cleared up for now, but it's looking to be a cold, cold winter.

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