Will Kate Hudson Ever Remake One of Her Mom Goldie Hawn's Movies? Watch Her Answer on Late Night!

"I come from a family of storytellers," the actress says on Late Night With Seth Meyers

By Zach Johnson Jul 23, 2014 12:14 PMTags

Goldie Hawn hasn't acted since 2002, but she'll be forever beloved in Hollywood thanks to her starring roles in hit films like The Sugarland Express, Private Benjamin, Overboard and The First Wives Club. Kate Hudson is a successful actress in her own right—but would she ever remake one of her mom's movies?

"I come from a family of storytellers. It takes a lot—three months, four months—out of their life," Hudson said on NBC's Late Night Tuesday after she was asked about growing up with Hawn and dad Kurt Russell. "It's kind of a fun thing to see the outcome of what your parents have been working on so hard and what you would hear them talking about. And now I can see that in my children. I can see that in Ryder on set, checking it out. He starts to really understand the process. It's cool. It's a cool thing."

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While the 35-year-old actress grew up watching her parents' movies, her elder son has only viewed a few of hers. "Ryder's seen all the ones he can see and he loves them, he's into it, but he's more interested in why he can't see the ones that he's not allowed to see," Matthew Bellamy's fiancée explained. "He's like, 'What does that mean? Are you naked?' That kind of thing. And I'm like, 'No...'"

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