Is This Katy Perry Dressed As a "Killer Pizza"? — Watch Now!

The "Roar" singer's latest Instagram post has us laughing (and feeling hungry) all at once.

By Mike Vulpo Jul 23, 2014 3:19 AMTags

Katy Perry sure does love a good food-themed outfit.

The Grammy-nominated singer might have caused our stomachs to "Roar" just a little bit Tuesday night when she posted a hilarious Instagram video of someone yelling in a head-to-toe pizza suit.

Although we can't confirm the "Killer pizza bruh" is Perry herself, the voice we hear in the Instagram video leads us to believe she's behind the mask cheese.

Our suspicions only increased after we discovered all the times the 29-year-old singer has dressed like food.

Getty Images

Who can forget when Perry worked a giant McDonald's Happy Meal sweatshirt on the red carpet? There's also the night she promoted her concert movie dressed as a giant bowl of popcorn.  

And no need to worry if you're a health-conscious Perry fan. She once appeared as a strawberry in a short, little dress. 

When all is said and done, we loved the pizza video. We enjoyed it so much that we're headed into the kitchen right now. Late-night snack, anyone?