Robin Roberts is preparing to take the next step in her battle to beat breast cancer.

After undergoing surgery last month, the Good Morning America cohost said during Wednesday's broadcast that she will begin chemotherapy the following day.

Clearly something of a workhorse, Roberts said she would show up at ABC in the morning to do her job as usual, "and then head off for my chemotherapy."

The 46-year-old telejournalist announced July 31 that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. She had surgery Aug. 3 and returned to work 10 days later.

Following the operation, which her doctors deemed "very successful," Roberts said she was told chemotherapy would be the most effective form of treatment. Once she completes chemo, she'll undergo radiation treatment.

"I'll work as much as I can," Roberts said. "Part of the reason I am coming forward is in case you tune in, and it looks like Kojak is sitting next to Diane, you'll understand why."

Roberts expressed her gratitude to coworkers, viewers and guests for their well wishes and support, adding that she had received many useful tips on how best to cope with the side effects of treatment.

"Somebody said eat a lot of bacon before I have chemo," she said. "I don't know about that one. That's a new one."

Roberts began coanchoring Good Morning America alongside Diane Sawyer in May 2005, having previously served as a newsreader for the show.

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