Dwayne Johnson says he got into the best shape of his life for his new movie Hercules (and now we understand why—he spends the entire movie in a loincloth and loincloths are not forgiving). We've done a sit-up or two in the past, but decided this was the perfect time to buckle down, hit the gym and join his #TeamHercules workout challenge to get the six-pack we were born to rock.

And the workouts were hard. They were not easy. So we had to know how he manages to stay motivated to hit the gym: "Cause I'm insane. Just kind of crazy," Dwayne told us at the Hercules junket. 

Then we asked him to give us his ultimate motivation speech, so that next time we think about slacking off at the gym, or when we get tired, or when we think we can't possibly lift any more weight, we'd have THE ROCK telling us what's what. Watch it above and use the motivation for yourself. (Our gift to you, free of charge!)

He continued, "In addition to the insanity, it just anchors my day. So whether it's doing cardio in the morning—I like getting up early in the morning. I have this crazy thing where if I don't get up before the sun, I feel like I'm missing out on something."

Anyway, it paid off. The Rock makes quite the demigod (not that anyone is surprised).

But how does he stack up against cinema's Hercules of the past? Can his Hercules kick the ass of Ryan Gosling's Hercules? Or Arnold Schwarzenegger's Hecules? Watch to see what he has to say!

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