Mark Ruffalo

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for Nantucket Film Festival)

Let's face it: Not everyone is as kind as they can (and should) be on social media.

But when one Twitter user found Mark Ruffalo's wallet, the stranger couldn't help but reach out to the Avengers star online and do the right thing.

"Mark, I found your wallet in a cab in Chicago yesterday. DM me so i can get it back to you, thanks," user @Trezeduet tweeted directly to Ruffalo.

After not getting a response within 24 hours, the fan sent another message out to prove this was, in fact, the real deal.

"I have your wallet. Found it in a cab in chicago on Friday. Let me know the best way to get it back to you. Thanks," the user said.  Such a good Samaritan, right?

Luckily, Ruffalo was able to spot the tweet in his popular Twitter feed and quickly reached out.

"Can you DM me," he wrote to the user in hopes of chatting (or tweeting) in privacy. "Just sent a DM," the user responded. Oh, to be a fly on the wall in that exchange!

Apparently, the conversation went very well as Ruffalo later shared his appreciation for his new Twitter follower and friend.

"You are a hero!" he shared online.

We certainly wouldn't argue with that!

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