Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, game

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

It takes money to make money. For some people, it takes money to make fake money and become a celebrity in Kim Kardashian's new iPhone game, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (you can spend real money to get stars and energy and other stuff in-app). With the game set to make some $200 million dollars this year, somebody is spending money on it. Probably you. 

Now, be honest: How much money have you spent on Kim Kardashian: Hollywood?

(And don't worry: This is a no judgment zone. You should see our Candy Crush bills.)

Some people aren't willing to say how much they've spent:

Others are more open about their financial transactions:

The dollar amounts just keep going up too.

From $10 and $15 to $20...

And $25, $30, $40...

Lots of people in the $50-and-over club:

The Centennials:

The Centennials and a Half:

Think that's crazy? Multiply it by three.

And this guy, who says he's spent $500 playing Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

Bless your heart, sir.

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