Taylor Swift

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We're not willing to call this look on Taylor Swift a full-on Style 180! The "22" singer needs to at least be wearing sneakers to warrant that kind of call. But we are willing to declare this combo slightly closer to something a real human wears to the gym.

Yes, that's right, TSwift is headed to pump more iron in a look better fit for a fashion shoot. And this time she made the mistake of doing it with an equally gorgeous celeb wearing actual gym clothes right by her side.

See how Karlie Kloss confidently rocks spandex, a t-shirt and sneakers just like everyone else who goes to the gym? The Victoria's Secret model doesn't need to change when she gets to the gym. She looks plenty chic thanks to neon sneaks and stylish shades. She has nothing to prove.

Karlie Kloss, Celeb Diet

Raymond Hall/GC Images

The "Trouble" singer, on the other hand, is dressed to go to an indie rock concert. While you could technically sweat enough at that kind of show to qualify as exercise, that's not what's going on here. So Taylor, please make it stop. If Karlie can do it, so can you! Or at the very least give us something to call a Style 120 next time? Baby steps to style progress...

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