Chris Pratt Reveals the First Carb-Heavy Meal He Ate After Wrapping Guardians of the Galaxy—Watch Now!

"We made a list of things to eat," Anna Faris says after her husband dropped 60 pounds for the movie

By Zach Johnson Jul 22, 2014 6:32 PMTags
Watch: Which Foods Did Chris Pratt Crave Post "Guardians?"

Chris Pratt deserves a sweet treat!

The actor dropped more than 60 pounds in six months for his starring role in Guardians of the Galaxy. To prepare for the part, celebrity nutritionist Phil Goglia put his client on a strict diet plan. Meanwhile, Pratt did a combination of bodybuilding and conditioning workouts to build muscle mass and shred excess fat.

What was the first big meal he had after production wrapped? "I had pancakes at my local diner, The Griddle Café," Pratt told E! News at the film's premiere in L.A. Monday. He ordered the "Sow Your Oats" variety, which feature honey, cinnamon and rolled oats. "I was with [my wife Anna Faris] and I'd been craving them for a really long time," the California resident explained. "It was like a victory lap for me."

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Faris was by his side every step of the way. "We made a list of things to eat," she explained.

"It was a long list," Pratt added, "and it took about eight months to make."

What else was on their list besides pancakes? Faris, 37, revealed to Ali Fedotowsky that they hoped to roast an entire pig, while Pratt, 35, admitted that "every fast food chain you could think of is on there."

To find out what else the couple cooks up at home, watch the video now!