Bryce Harper


These stories never get old…

It was the sixth inning at Nationals Park and the Washington Nationals' Bryce Harper took a lead off first base, hoping to steal second. However, Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Yovani Gallardo threw back to first, forcing Harper back onto the bag.

Or Harper tried to make it back on the bag. Here's where it gets awkward.

Harper makes it nowhere near first base and everyone feels uncomfortable about it. His slide is reminiscent of Major League's character Willie Mays Hayes, except Harper maybe handles it a little more gracefully.

Twitter was quick to keep comparing Harper to the Major League character.

In possibly our favorite part of the whole story, a MLB-inspired Twitter account tweeted a pretty funny GIF of the situation and we can't stop watching it on repeat. The caption is subtle yet perfectly snarky.

Hopefully for Harper, this is the most embarrassing moment of his career. It's really not that bad, and since these kinds of things happen all the time, we'll have someone new to laugh at tomorrow. Can't wait.

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