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Wake us up when it's September.

In today's Spoiler Chat, we've got scoop on a whole bunch of premieres, including Scandal's shocking exit, and the trouble ahead for a fan favorite pairing on The Originals. Plus, we've got spoilers on Sons of Anarchy's final ride and the possibility for romance for Supernatural's brothers in Season 10.

Read on for all of that, and tidbits on The Mindy Project, Revenge and more...

Delia: Anything you can tell us about how Scandal will handle Columbus Short's exit?
Wear black when you tune in for the premiere because Harrison will be long gone. "I think the key with every character's exit on all of our shows is the writers try to find the most appropriate and interesting and phenomenal way of exiting the character," Betsy Beers said. "I think, as a fan, they found an amazing explosive and dramatic way for him to exit."

Beth: Will we see Sam or Dean get a love interest this season on Supernatural?
While many women would still date a demon if he looked likeJensen Ackles, showrunner Jeremy Carver said fans shouldn't expect any major romances in Season 10. "I don't think you'll see an extended love interest," he said. "As in seasons past, you might see the boys come into town and have a brief something-something."

Taylor: Give me some scoop on my favorite couple on TV: Hayley and Elijah on The Originals!
Come on, is there really time for romance in NoLA?! "Elijah should be nervous about a lot of things. Elijah is going to go through some s--t this year at the beginning of the season," Julie Plec told us. "It's not going to be all puppy dogs and rainbows for him at all." And one thing he'll definitely have to worry about? Hayley "reconnecting" with Jackson, as Nathan Parsons "will make his return about six episodes in."  

The Avengers, Cobie Smulders

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Thomas: Now that HIMYM is over, please tell me Cobie Smulders will be popping up more on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.!
We can confirm that Agent Maria Hill will be back! "We have plans to bring her in and see her," Jed Whedon spilled to us, while Maurissa Tancharoen added, "We love Cobie, we love the character, she's so great." But the gushing didn't stop there as Jeffrey Bell chimed in, "She fits really nicely on the show and has good chemistry with Coulson and the others." Basically, the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. EPs love her as much as we do.

Michelle R.: I'm nervous for the final season of Sons of Anarchy. How many of my favorites will be dying?!
Prepare for a bloodbath. "People are dropping like flies, literally, every two seconds you're like, 'Oh, that person's gone,'" Theo Rossi said. "There's always a big clap-off it feels, every scene, every episode, somebody's leaving." Gulp.

Chris Messina, Mindy Kaling, The Mindy Project


Grant: Mindy, Mindy, Mindy!
Hmm...we're pretty sure you're asking about The Mindy Project and we're more than happy to share some goods: Mindy Kaling said she's drawing inspiration from couples such as I Love Lucy's Lucy and Desi and Modern Family's Claire and Phil for Mindy and Danny in season three. Oh, and the ex-boyfriend of Mindy's returning in episode two? While the deal isn't done yet, Kaling said it's a "recent" one. 

Jeaneen: I am still rooting for Jack and Emily on Revenge! Please tell me there's hope for them. 
Come on, there's always going to be hope for those two! "There's one person who knows who Amanda Clarke is and it's Jack," EP Aaron Harberts told us. "There's someone else, and it's David, but we really love the idea that Emily's going to turn to Jack to ask for help in reidentifying and redeveloping her identity. He's going to be key this season, really key this season." 

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