Benji Madden Brings Cameron Diaz to Nicole Richie's Show Premiere Celebration: Get the Details!

Richie's hubby, Joel Madden, misses dinner with his brother's new girlfriend

By Natalie Finn Jul 19, 2014 2:23 AMTags
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Just so long as no Sex Tape was involved...

Cameron Diaz, taking a break from her epic press tour for her new R-rated comedy, enjoyed date night with new beau Benji Madden last night at Mexican restaurant Casa Vega in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

But they weren't alone...

They were at a group shindig for Benji's sister-in-law Nicole Richie, who was celebrating her new show Candidly Nicole, which premiered Thursday on VH1.

Nicole's husband, Joel Madden, didn't attend the dinner, but according to an eyewitness, Richie's fashionista BFF Kelly Sawyer and makeup artist Lauren Anderson were among the group as well. We're told that the lady of the hour appeared to be in a great mood, trading mock-karate kicks with her pals.


It's not too surprising that Joel didn't make the scene, meanwhile. Nicole explained to E! News earlier this week that neither her hubby nor their kids, Sparrow and Harlow, are going to appear on Candidly Nicole—hough dad Lionel Richie and various other members of her inner circle will.

"It's pretty simple for me [why they're not on the show]: They didn't ask to be," Nicole said.

But does Benji's presence at the party mean that he might be popping up now and again? And maybe with his new main squeeze?!

The dinner started at around 7:30 p.m. and he and Cameron stayed until 10 when, aw, Benji ran to get his car and picked the actress up in front of the restaurant.

—Reporting by Michelle Falls