Iggy Azalea


As far as we were concerned, Iggy Azalea could do no wrong. She has summer's hottest hit with both "Fancy" and "Problem" (shout out to Ariana Grande on vocals!). She's a bold, Aussie beauty with a take no prisoners attitude. She's dating the super hot Nick Young.

Then we saw this jean jumper...

Is this the look that turns this celeb from edgy dresser to to fashion genius or the style that sinks her rising star ship?

We're on the fence. On the one hand it's too baggy for her fit figure and too heavy for the hot, hot heat of summer. And yet, the "Work" singer looks totally relaxed and completely confident in the look. The cuffed pants and sleeves give the thick fabric a lighter more fun feel, pointy CEO-style pumps keep things feminine in the footwear and that bold yellow bag is just the pop of color the neutral blue needs.

So then the answer seems to be "fashion genius." Or at the very least, "girl on one serious hot streak." What's your take?

Tune-in to an all-new Fashion Police tonight at 9/8c on E!

Iggy Azalea's Denim Mechanic Suit
What's your say on the Aussie rapper's car worker costume?
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