Reese Witherspoon


Oh, did you think Iggy Azalea won summer because her crazy-catchy tunes currently top every music chart in the universe? Or maybe you figured it was Eva Mendes because she's possibly having Ryan Gosling's baby? Fair guesses, but they're both wrong because Reese Witherspoon out-summered them all in this pitch perfect, white hot, sexy but cute creation.

Somebody get this woman her gold-plated ice cream cone trophy!

What's so special about this simple, one-color combo, you ask? Everything. The Monica Rose creation has all the elements of what makes warm weather fashion so much fun:

1. The color. It doesn't get better than white this time of year, and this is a gleaming shade that makes the blonde beauty's features pop.

2. The shape. Easy, breezy, flirty and fun! We can't think of four better words to describe what June through September means.

3. An edgy element. In this case it's the top and bottom cut-outs that give the look that extra bit of flair.

So congrats Reese! But to be clear Eva Mendes was very close to taking it. She's tied to Ryan Gosling for life now guys...

Tune-in to an all-new Fashion Police tonight at 9/8c on E!

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