Conan O'Brien, Dave Franco


When Conan O'Brien tries out Tinder, hilarious antics are bound to ensue!

This week, the Conan host showcased his recent adventures trying out the hookup app.

"For months now I've been listening to all the young people in my office talk about Tinder, a social networking site where you can find people in your area you've never met," O'Brien said in a video clip. "They're in your vicinity and they're ready to meet and maybe hook up. Naturally, because I'm a creep, I'm intrigued to find out about this."

He added, "But I didn't want to do it alone, so I got the help of a young, hot Hollywood stud, Mr. Dave Franco."

"I'm a little nervous," Franco squirmed. "It's gonna get weird."

Franco and O'Brien then start out by choosing their Tinder profile pictures and creating fake names. O'Brien opts for Chip Whitley while Franco goes by Genghis Roundstone. The duo then scroll through their online options before selecting their favorite and heading out to meet her in their Tinder van!

Check out the hilarious clip to see how things turn out for them.

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