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One of the CW's biggest fangirls? The network president Mark Pedowitz. The man knows his network's shows, people!

At the 2014 Summer TCA Press Tour, Pedowitz fielded reporters' questions about many of the CW's fan favorite series, including The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and Beauty and the Beast, the latter of which he offered up major spoilers on the next season. Vincent (Jay Ryan) and Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) fans, prepare to squeal.

Plus, he addressed the cancellations of Star-Crossed (and why that decision caused him to receive a whole lot of pasta!) and The Tomorrow People...

Beauty and the Beast Bounty: "They're out in the public, they're a couple, they have to find a life together," Pedowitz spilled of VinCat in season three, which will pick up "a couple of months later." He also revealed that Vincent will "get his license back," and become a medical doctor again. But he wasn't done: "Spoiler alert: the sister comes back." He also confirmed Nicole Anderson will be a series regular.

Supernatural Spinoff Saga: Though the network didn't pick up Bloodlines spinoff last season, the prez is still hoping to expand the Supernatural universe. "We have told Jeremy [Carver] and Eric [Kripke] and Bob Singer that we are very open to do another spinoff. We are waiting for them to come in with whatever the new idea or concept is," Pedowitz said. "I would love to get a Supernatural spinoff done, it's a great franchise that has a lot of life to it."

Spinoff or not, Pedowitz made it clear he's not looking at Season 10 as SPN's final season. "I would love to see Supernatural go beyond Season 10. I am a big fan of the show, I've seen every episode…big fan of Jared and Jensen," he said. "If the show continues the way it's doing, and the boys want to do it, we're in."

Hart of Dixie: Rachel Bilson's country charmer is set to return at midseason for a 10-episode season, which Pedowitz isn't currently looking at as its last. "We are looking forward to see what happens," he said. 

As for addressing Bilson's real-life pregnancy on the show, Pedowitz spilled, "[Creator] Leila Gerstein is planning to have a pregnancy eventually happen to the character of Zoe Hart." ("But when?!" the Zoe and Wade fans  are no doubt shouting.)

Cancellation Explanation: Pedowitz addressed the net's decision to ax several shows, including freshman dramas Star-Crossed and The Tomorrow People. "I did receive 90 boxes of pasta," said of Star-Crossed fans' attempts to save the show. "We appreciate the fans and and everything they do. I gather that they were upset, there just weren't enough of them to keep the show going forward." As for The Tomorrow People, he explained, "It did not generate on-air as much as we hoped and it did not generate digitally as much as we hoped."

The Originals

Guy D'Alema/The CW

Vampires, Werewolves and Witches, Oh My: "When it is organic, we'll do a couple of crossovers," Pedowitz said of Julie Plec's hit dramas, The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. Looking at season six of TVD, Pedowitz previewed, "There will be some aspect of Mystic Falls this year that will make it difficult, as the season ended last year, for the supernatural characters get in."

As for The Originals, Pedowitz teased, "Can Klaus and Elijah win back the city of New Orleans after they were fooled by the werewolves?"

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