Vin Los, Tattoo Model

This could be the face of "the most famous man in the world." It could just as likely be just a face covered in weird-ass tattoos.

Vin Los, 24, is an aspiring model from Montreal who got his first tattoo, a drawing on his chest, when he was 16. Since then, he has abandoned drawings and covered his body with tattoos of random words, including 24 tattoos on his face. 

Vin Los, Tattoo Model

Vin, whose heroes include Marilyn Monroe and Starbucks, told Vice, "A lot of people ask me if I'm scared I might regret it one day. If I was indecisive, I don't think I would write on my face." 

Here is but a sampling of Vin's many tattoos:

"Fame" on his forehead
"Iconic Face" on his cheek
"Sex Bomb" on his chest
Fake chest hair
His name tattooed across his torso
"Have Fun" on his lower hip. Which seems a bit on the penis. We mean on the nose.

Vin Los, Tattoo Model

"It may sound like I have bad values or something, but my tattoos aren't just for me. I want to be an image for people to look at, something that has an impact." he says. "I want to embody pop culture. You could look at me in a hundred years from now and really get the idea of what pop culture was like in the early 2010s."

Of the words he selects, he says, "It's very superficial." (But when asked if he was superficial he responded, "No, not at all.")

Vin Los, Tattoo Model

So how does he pick which words he permanently puts on his body? "I'll go on YouTube and listen to all the big hits and I'll just take words from these songs," he explains. "For example, ‘Top of the World' is from the song by The Cataracs."

(Thus existed the first, and probably only, Cataracs theme tattoo.)

"But it's also what I want," he continued. "I want to rule the world."

Meanwhile, he works at a supermarket and seems to genuinely wonder why he "still hasn't gotten a single modeling contract of it." We can't imagine why.

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