Jimmy Fallon's latest celebrity skit may make you think, "What did I just watch..."

On an episode of The Tonight Show that aired on Wednesday, July 16, he and Whoopi Goldberg played a round of the series' popular game "Lip Flip," in which celebrities interview "themselves" and they and the host jokingly impersonate one another. Their lips are swapped and superimposed on each other's mouths via special effects, spawning hilarious hybrids.

The actress and co-host of The View played "Fallon" in a Scottish-sounding accent (which she dubbed Irish). Fallon's mouth, as seen on Goldberg's face, babbled words that often sounded like what may happen if a man from England did an impression of Bill Cosby (who the host once imitated in front of the actual actor) doing an impression of Arnold Schwarzenegger doing an impression of a man from England.

"What sort of instruments do you like to play?" Fallon-as-Goldberg asked.

"I love playing the trumpet!" Goldberg-as-Fallon replied. "Trumpet, trumpet, toot toot toot!"

Accompanied by house band The Roots, the two then sang a duet of George Michael and Aretha Franklin's 1986 ballad, "I Knew You Were Waiting For Me."

Fallon, known for his skits with celebrities, has in the past played "Lip Flip" with Tina Fey (watch video) and Drew Barrymore (watch video).

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