Kate Hudson


To be clear, we're not saying that Kate Hudson has a hickey, but we're not not saying that either. She has a loving fiancé, she's a beautiful woman and the neck is a lovely place to kiss. So really we cannot confirm or deny whether or not the blonde beauty is currently rocking a giant red mark on her neck.

This is simple a post about the fact that if Kate Hudson or anyone else had a hickey, this adorable floral style choice would be a really great way to cover it up.

But doesn't it look like the scarf is being used to hide something?

To be fair, we should also mention that this boho neck cover is a great way to warm up in a room with heavy A/C and also serves as a nice pop of color on an otherwise stark white look. In fact without it, the Wish I Was Here star would just be wearing cut-offs and a plain old t-shirt.

So maybe we should be grateful that she possibly (but not definitely) has something to cover up!

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