Gritta Goetz (can you think of a more German name than that?) runs an animal sanctuary in Lanzenhain (Germany, of course), and of the more than two dozen or so dogs she's rescued eight get around using wheel carts. But that doesn't stop them from being, well, dogs. 

All of Gritta's dogs—wheel cart bound or not—love playing fetch. Like loooooooooove it.

Wheelchair Dogs

YouTube / Gritta Goetz

Look at them goooooooooooo!

The video is adorable, yes, but it's downright inspiring when you see these happy dogs and know what they've been through: One dog, Rina, ended up in her wheel cart after her former owners used her for target practice. When Rina was found, she had 20 "projectiles" stuck in her body, two of which were lodged in her spine. 

But now she's safe and loved. A wonderful happy ending for a dog that truly deserved it. Meanwhile, here is another dog, Polly, getting her Sound of Music on in her wheel cart.

(H/T Gawker)

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