This tiny little pig (who looks like she's wearing tiny little pig heels) is named Pigalina and we love her. And if her fuggin' adorable name and her miniscule nose didn't already shatter your heart into tiny pieces, this will: Pigalina was rejected by her litter.

That's right. REJECTED. As in, some cold-hearted pig babies didn't want Pigalina as part of their pig-clique. It's like a terrible, terrible version of high school.

Luckily, Melissa Suko is the owner of PIGS Animal Sanctuary in West Virginia and took in the inquisitive teacup pig as her own. We don't blame her. Looking at Pigalina, we're positive we would have done the same. 

Teacup pig gif

YouTube / Barcroft TV

Suko also owns a rescue dog named Levi and, you guessed it, the two became best friends. Well, best friends, according to Pigalina. Levi is just a chill dude who wants to take a nap but is selfless enough to let Pigalina prance around, exploring things.

Add this to your "Tiny Adorable Animals" playlist on YouTube, because we could watch this forever. Thank goodness Pigalina has found her forever home.

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