In Sex Tape, Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz play a married couple desperate to reinvigorate their life between the sheets.

And even their young children know something is up.

In this exclusive clip from the movie (in theaters on Friday), their adorable daughter (Giselle Eisenberg) asks Segel, "Why do we keep having all these days and then going to bed at night and then having all these days and then going to bed at night?"

Segel explains, "That's sort of what life is."

When she asks if it will ever end, her older brother (Sebastian Hedges Thomas) says, "It'll end when we die."

But Giselle keeps going. "Won't I get bored at doing this stuff again and again and again?"

Sex Tape, Jason Segel, Cameron Diaz

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Segel tries to assure her she won't.

"But you and Mommy are bored," she says to his surprise.

And if that didn't sting enough, Sebastian adds, "Well, that's what happens with marriage."


Shortly thereafter, Segel and Diaz accidently upload their sex tape to friends' and family members' iPads after deciding to end some of that said boredom by filming themselves having sex in every position outlined in the Joy of Sex. The film centers on their quest to retrieve all those iPads.

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