Anderson Cooper is the king of zing.

The journalist and his BFF Kelly Ripa appeared on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live Tuesday. Andy Cohen seized the opportunity to "learn from the master" by reading mean tweets he's received and asking Cooper's advice. The first tweet came from user @LilPoundCake1, who told the TV star, "Because Andy is a shady bitch. He'll do anything to giggle like a school girl…that is, until the s--t hits the fan."

How would Cooper reply?

"You have to read the person's Twitter history, because then you really get a sense and you can personalize your response," he said. "After reading the person's Twitter history, I had two responses: One is, '@LilPoundCake1, I'm guessing from your bitterness you eat more than just a little pound cake.' The only other thing I thought is that not even Bow Wow uses the moniker Lil anymore. Time to update." Cooper then explained that the rapper recently decided to use his birth name, Shad Moss.

The next message, which came from Twitter user @Hurricanesjc, asked the question: "@Andy Are you really that famous that people want to waste their hard earned money on buying your book? Not me."


"This one I wouldn't even respond to because I really don't respond to people who don't have a photo of themselves or actually use their real name, because I just think they're cowards," Cooper explained. He then added, "Frankly, their tweets were so moronic and boring and offensive and racist. The only thing I could think of was this person has more than 13,000 tweets and 54 followers. It's not a great ratio."

Andy Cohen, Anderson Cooper

Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

What about Twitter's @BitterJosh, who complained, "Andy Cohen + use of daddy = vomit in my mouth?"

"@BitterJosh was brave because he actually uses a photo of himself, and believe me, that was brave," Cohen and Ripa's mutual BFF said with a smirk. "What I found interesting and what I would say to @BitterJosh is that when you hinted in a tweet on April 4 of this year that your boss had disregard for morals and ethics and that he overshares, that doesn't seem like a great idea for career advancement."

You tell 'em, Coop.

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