Demi Lovato


Demi Lovato may care a little bit.

The 21-year-old pop star, who's into staying fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, shows off the fruits of her commitment on the cover art for her latest single, "Really Don't Care."

And though the actual cover only shows a flash of skin, Demi couldn't help but tweet out a shot of herself that she couldn't wait to share, snapping it right off the computer.

"Sorry it's a little pixelated - it was taken of the computer monitor at the photo shoot.. I [heart] this pic!!" she tweeted about the image, in which she's showing off her fit midsection black leggings and a fishnet bikini top by TRIANGL, hands on hips in a fierce, don't-mess-with-me position.

And to keep that bod intact, she practices moderation.

For instance, a few nights after having a pizza party with President Barack Obama, she switched to raw vegan pasta.

"Eating RAW has never tasted SO GOOD!!! Cheesy alfredo pasta.. KELP noodles and raw vegan 'cheese' made from CASHEWS!!" she shared a pic of the rather delicious-looking entree. And on Sunday she chowed down on "Coconut strawberry kale salad & cranberry tuna = my favorite summer lunch so far!!!"

But let us back up a bit...

Demi and close pal Wilmer Valderrama were part of a group invited to a gathering at filmmaker Robert Rodriguez's home last Wednesday to talk about human rights issues—and eat gourmet pizza.

"Dinner w/ @BarackObama tonight at @Rodriguez's castle tonight.... No big deal..." Demi tweeted. The next day she added, "Thank you for the pizza..... Oh and hosting the prez at your house...but seriously...That pizza..."

Added Wilmer, "Last night, we had dinner & a passionate conversation w/ BarackObama about community engagement.. The challenges will be met."

He also thanked Rodriguez, but didn't mention the pizza.

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