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Happy Monday! Sure, it's the start of a new week, with four more days until the weekend, but on the other hand, it's the start of a new week, filled with endless possibilities for OMG TV moments. Teen Wolf itself gave us more than enough of them tonight, along with Under the Dome and a dinner party positively overflowing with drama (surprise surprise!) on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Let's relive them all now, shall we? 

Teen Wolf You guys, that was the Teen Wolf-iest thing we've ever seen, and our favorite episode so far this season. There was a party, there was murder, there were important text messages, there was dancing, there was product placement, there was Scott being a doofus, and Lydia freaking out.

While the kids were just dealing with helping Malia get better at transitioning and Liam transitioning for the first time, Derek, the sheriff, and the deputy tracked down Mr. No Mouth, who is apparently an assassin known as "The Benefactor."

The night was filled with adorable moments: Malia not understanding a bondage joke, Scott trying to mentor Liam by telling him "the bite is a gift," Scott and Kira dancing in the moonlight. The night was also filled with some shocks: Mr. No Mouth threw a wolfsbane-laced ax into Peter's chest (which Derek healed with a blowtorch, of course), and Peter later ripped out his spine (RIP, Mr. No Mouth). Plus, Chris Argent returned, thanks to Scott's texting skills. 

Finally, there's a death list that's been sent out to assassins and mercenaries (like Braeden, who returned to behead a keg delivery man), containing the names of all of Beacon Hills' supernatural beings. And somehow, Liam's friends–Garrett, Violet and Mason–seem to be involved, which we know thanks to a text about a money transfer sent to Garrett from "the Benefactor."

Oh, and Lydia is now losing control of her hearing (Or was our TV screwed up? For a minute, we could not tell.) and seeing faces coming out of the wall. So it's just a typical Monday in Beacon Hills, apparently.

Under the Dome: Acid rain fell from the sky/dome, and the internet came back for, like, two seconds! That was just long enough for Junior to learn, thanks to an emailed video, that his mother is officially still alive. Joe, meanwhile, did some locker research and discovered that the locker that sort of killed Angie is also the locker that the weird girl/Melanie was assigned to in 1988, meaning that she should not still be a young girl, meaning probably that she is dead, of course.

Aside from all of that nonsense, resources are running out and the conclusion (thanks to Rebecca) is that only 75% of Chester's Mill can survive on what they have left, leaving Big Jim to decide who gets to be the 25%, which sounds like an incredibly bad idea. 

RHOC, Real Housewives of Orange County


Real Housewives of Orange County: "I hate getting gas and I hate going potty." – Actual quote from an actual grown-up (named Vicki) in tonight's episode, and no, it doesn't make more sense in context.

Aside from that, the Heather/Shannon/Tamra/Vicki/Everyone throwdown continued, and it's kind of hard to keep track of it all. Most of the action went down at Lizzie's doomed dinner party (though doesn't it always?). On the way, Shannon revealed that Tamra had told her that Terry wanted to "take down" the Beadors. Tamra later completely denied ever having said this, and much attention was focused on Tamra's skills at lying and spreading gossip, though Heather did manage to find some time to compliment the place settings at the party, and we learned way more about Vicki's lady parts than we ever, ever wanted to know.

Heather's getting "dinner party phobic" thanks to Shannon always yelling at her. Tamra was causing problems, Vicki didn't want to get involved, Heather pretended she didn't do anything, and Shannon completely lost it and ended up storming off. It was nuts, and we almost feel like it's time for a legitimate duel, swords and all. Who wouldn't pay to see that Housewives special? 

Mistresses: It was a night of discoveries as Dom discovered Savi's friendship with Zach and broke up with her, Karen discovered that her new man-friend is a former man-friend of escort Anna's, and April discovered that Daniel is married(!!). At least Joss is finding love with Scott! 

So what did you watch tonight? Were you as kind of enamored with that Teen Wolf episode as we were? Are you totally over this Shannon/Heather/Tamra/etc etc drama? Who are you supporting in the Great War of Orange County? Let us know in the comments!

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