Metallica SportsCenter


Mariano Rivera's retirement last season didn't just leave the New York Yankees with one less iconic player in pinstripes.

It left Metallica with not much to do around ESPN headquarters.

Or so this funny new SportsCenter promo pretends. In the 30-second spot, James HetfieldLars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo of the iconic heavy-metal band try to get another iconic sports figure to use one of their tunes as an entrance song, as Rivera did with "Enter Sandman" for years.

"Coach K's not interested in an entrance song, either," laments Lars, referring to Duke men's basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski. 

And alas, golfer John Daly wasn't into the idea, either (even though his usual tournament attire might suggest otherwise).

See what Kirk comes up with to while away the time!

ESPN's flagship show is known, of course, for its catchy "This is SportsCenter" commercials featuring both superstar athletes and Hollywood celebrities.

One of our personal favorites? Arnold Palmer making himself the half-iced-tea-half-lemonade beverage that bears his name in the ESPN cafeteria

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