We can't really tell you what the end of the world would look like, but we can only imagine it would be something like this!

In a new viral video that was posted on YouTube over the weekend, one person in Russia captured the craziest freak hailstorm ever on camera!

In the clip, people can be seen soaking up the sun while lounging next to a river in Novosibirsk. Some people are lounging on the riverbank while others swim in the water. Cue the drastic change in weather.

Hail, Serbia


All of a sudden, golf ball size hail start falling from the sky, pelting the local citizens who begin running out of the water to find shelter. Some people run off the beach while others huddle underneath umbrellas to shield themselves from the harmful hail and powerful gusts of wind.

According to the video's caption on YouTube, the freak weather change occurred when the temperature instantly dropped from 105 degrees Fahrenheit to 69 degrees. That's a cold wave that changed the temperature a whopping 36 degrees, not to mention the hail and wind!

"This is Siberia, baby," the Russian YouTube user wrote with the video, which has garnered almost 2.5 million views in jus two days.

Check out the crazy clip for yourself!

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