Dylan Sprayberry on Joining Teen Wolf, Sucking at Lacrosse and Talking About Poop With Tyler Posey

Exclusive! The Man of Steel star talks about what's ahead for his character, Liam, on the MTV hit series, airing tonight at 10 p.m.

By Tierney Bricker Jul 14, 2014 8:00 PMTags
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There's a new teen wolf in town!

Dylan Sprayberry, best known for playing young Clark Kent in Man of Steel, made quite the debut on Teen Wolf, with his character Liam, a lacrosse God in the body of a new freshman, ended the hour receiving the werewolf bite from Scott (Tyler Posey). Welcome to Beacon Hills, kiddo!

So what comes next? Ahead of tonight's all-new episode of the MTV hit, we hopped on the phone with Sprayberry, who is just 16 years-old (How old do you feel right now?), to chat about finally making his debut, working (and talking about poop) with Tyler Posey and Dylan O'Brien and really sucking at lacrosse...

How excited were you to finally make your Teen Wolf debut? Fans had been waiting for a while to meet Liam.
I've been anxious to see what happens and the episode turned out really great. I'm excited.  And it was on my birthday. I'm 16 now and it was my first episode of Teen Wolf.

Best birthday present ever. Did you pay attention to Twitter that night? What was the response like?
I saw some stuff and some funny comments, but I am bad at following all of it because it's just so much, I get kind of confused.

When you took on the role of Liam, did they tell you right off the bat that he would be getting the bite and could become a werewolf?
I wasn't sure. We had talked about some of that stuff, but it was more like you are just going to be this new lacrosse player who comes in and makes everyone nervous because you're so good. That was really the main basis.


Teen Wolf has such a dedicated following and is in its fourth season now, so did you have any nerves coming?
I didn't really because I had met all the producers and writers and Jeff [Davis], when I had auditioned for a different character before. And then I came back and I got to work with Tyler and Dylan for the chemistry read before I booked the part. I got to work with the main guys first and got comfortable and then when I came on set just to visit the first time, everyone was super nice. I really became a part of the show before I even started really.

Did any of the cast give you any advice before your big debut? Arden Cho told us they told her to prepare for the social media aspect of being part of a show like Teen Wolf.
That's the one thing they all say: social media is a really big part because the fans are so into it and they use social media to connect with us the most. I think Dylan and Tyler gave me little hints of advice along the way, just little things every once and awhile.

Jeff Davis told us that Dylan and Tyler are "in love" with you. Did you have a lot of fun with them on-set? 
Oh yeah. We have so much fun. We do crazy stuff all the time and they're just like me, so there's never a dull moment and we're always talking about random funny things. We talk about a lot of poop. Tyler and I, we talk about poop. We don't describe it in detail, but we talk about it in the general sense. [Laughs.]

You've obviously shared a lot of scenes with Tyler and Dylan, but who else have you worked with a lot?
Pretty much everyone, I have scenes with everyone. I have scenes with Arden [Cho], we have some funny scenes. Then Shelley [Hennig] and I do, but I didn't get to work with Braeden (Meagan Tandy). It's funny because you see everyone around the set and then it's like the last day and you're like, ‘We didn't even work together but I feel like we worked together!' Then there's some stuff with Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) and I. 

Obviously, last week ended with a major cliffhanger, Liam receiving the bite. So where do we pick up in this episode?
I can't say too much, but I am definitely in the next episode and we get to see more of what happens after the bite, if I'm going to die and if I'm going to become a werewolf.

Talk a little bit about the dynamic between Scott and Liam moving forward.
Well, there's the trio: Liam, Scott and Stiles. Liam and Scott really have that connection in the one scene in [episode three], when he's getting interrogated by Scott and Stiles, where Liam says, ‘You were the first sophomore captain.' And I'm basically saying, ‘That's what I want to be.' Stiles is kind of a dork and I don't like him that much [Laughs.], but I am showing that Scott is a role model for me.

Will we see Stiles get a little jealous over Scott's friendship with Liam? Or will we see them form a bond as well?
You will see both. We kind of go back and forth then become friends and then go back in forth in the friendship. It's just a comic relationship between the two of them. 


Liam is an amazing lacrosse player. Had you played before or did you really have to work on it before filming?
I had to work on it ‘cause I suck. When I was little, I was never really into sports. I liked the idea of them, but I sucked at them. I played lacrosse one day and after putting on all the pads I was already tired, so I was kind of done before I even started. I like sports now being a teenager, but it was really fun to get to. I definitely had to work hard to make it look like I knew what I was doing.

And he's supposed to be the greatest lacrosse player that's ever played, basically.
Yeah! Like, I've never even thrown a lacrosse ball. [Laughs.]

Teen Wolf airs tonight at 10 p.m. on MTV.